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    *A separate application must be completed for each student.

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Approved Caretakers for Pickup

If under 12 years of age, student must be picked up by an approved caretaker, unless waived by the parent or guardian.

By waiving this policy, I acknowledge that Belmont Academy and its instructors are not required to obtain an approved signature before my child leaves their lesson.

By not waiving this policy, I (or an approved caretaker) must sign my child in and out at the beginning and end of each lesson.

I waive the responsibility of escorting my child to and from their lessons.
I, or approved caretaker, will sign my child in and out of their lessons.

Lesson Registration

30 min45 min1 hr

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Policy Agreement

Please read the policies located at:, and confirm that you have done so at the bottom of this page. Agreement must be read and checked in order to move forward with processing. Each student must register separately. If you have questions regarding your tuition, contact Belmont Academy at 615-460-6346. Approval from the office must be given in order to register for a lesser amount of lessons.

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